AKB48 MILESTONE: Kashiwagi Yuki’s Boyfriend “Scandal” is not a Scandal

The video shows her with her head shaved to show contrition and making a tearful apology for having violated the group’s strict no-dating rule. The Daily Mail reports that Minegishi was caught spending the night at her year-old boyfriend, band dancer Alan Shiraham’s apartment on Thursday. The “sex scandal” was revealed by the Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun which claimed they had a passionate night together. Bunshun published photos of Minegishi sneaking out of her boyfriend’s apartment in sunglasses and a mask covering her face. The band AKB48 has a strict policy that prohibits members from having any romantic or sexual relations. After the revelation that she had violated the group’s policy, she was demoted to “trainee level. In the four-minute confession, Minegishi begins with a deep bow that shows her shaved head. She then breaks down sobbing as she pleads to be allowed to stay in the band.

AKB48 member gets relegated, shaves head, apologizes for spending night at guy’s home

Theater Debut and Indies Era In July , renowned producer Akimoto Yasushi held an audition for a new theater based idol girl group. Of the 7, girls that applied, 45 passed the first round of auditions, detailed screening of the application documents. Finally, only 24 girls were chosen to be in the group.

In November, the selected girls went through an extensive one month training program. On December 8, , the group held its first public show in the theater with only 20 girls, later known as Team A. The team consisted of:

Is Furuhato Nao dating with someone? Furuhato Nao was spotted at Disneyland holding hand with someone, the photos and videos ignite dating rumor acros.

Historically, Team K was blessed with a more mature lineup when compared to Team A. All of this praise, coming from a Team A fan. This post will provide an introduction to the members in the new Team K. Team K has benefited the most from the recent change in members. The team retains most of its core girls, while welcoming many popular new faces. In fact, after the shuffle the majority of girls performing in singles now belong to Team K.

AKB48 and sexual politics

Of course they published the picture. It was shared across all social media platforms, which added fuel to the fire. That one claim from sometime in the past came back to bite her and bite her hard when this incident initially surfaced. Did we say rule? So it broke out like an epidemic!

Rumi Yonezawa is a Japanese idol singer and actress who is best known for her time spent in the awesome and famous girl group AKB However, she is also known for having resigned from the group in due to a personal scandal.

Comments A Japanese starlet who shaved her head and issued a tearful YouTube apology after spending the night with a man was scrambling Friday to redeem the girl next door image of all-female group AKB Pictures of the roughly-shorn head of Minami Minegishi, 20, were emblazoned on national newspapers and Japan’s Twitter scene was abuzz Friday over news that the pop princess had broken the band’s cardinal rule: Minegishi told fans she had decided to shave her head as an act of contrition after a popular weekly magazine published claims of a night of passion with a year-old boy band member.

Story continues below advertisement “I don’t believe just doing this means I can be forgiven for what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I don’t want to quit AKB48,” she says in the video, which had been viewed on YouTube more than three million times. Minegishi, who had long, silky hair at the time, was snapped leaving the apartment of Alan Shirahama, a dancer in an off-shoot of the popular boy band Exile. Tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun published its article Thursday, and hours later Ms.

Minegishi was pleading to be allowed to remain with AKB48, one of the world’s most successful acts by revenue.

SNH48 Qiu Xinyi dating scandal revealed

The compilation album included all of the group’s singles up until Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?. She appeared exclusively on the cover of the Limited Edition of the album. The album reached 3 on the Oricon Weekly Album charts. On January 23rd, the group released their next single Romance, Irane. A spring concert was initially announced. Fans who bought a copy of the single at the theater would be given a random poster featuring one of the members.

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Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes. A shocking simultaneous triple announcement. Now usually we don’t report about rumors and scandals because I don’t see a point in exaggerating the situation. Unless something actually does happen to them as a result. This announcement post will include a brief overview of the situation, the full details of the scandals will come in the following post.

One of the purikuras even shows the two of them kissing.


Follow A Japanese all-girl pop group is causing controversy as Olympic officials debate whether to let them perform on stage in But are AKB48 really that bad? Here’s everything you need to know about Japan’s most controversial pop group: High-pitch and high-kicks The group is known for its choreographed dances and high-pitched voices. Auditions are a norm The band is named after the Akhibara area of Tokyo AKB , and the 48 stands for the original number of girls.

Dating Sim: A recurring segment is a live-action version of this, where members have to come up with ways to win a guy’s heart in a given scenario. The judges are always a selection of AKB48 fans, who decide on the winner by voting or awarding ” Moé points” by pushing a buzzer repeatedly (presumably proportional to how faster their hearts beat).

Source Rumi Yonezawa could have had a long and promising career with AKB48 Rumi Yonezawa is a Japanese idol singer and actress who is best known for her time spent in the awesome and famous girl group AKB However, she is also known for having resigned from the group in due to a personal scandal. Who is Rumi Yonezawa? Profile of Rumi Yonezawa She is known by the nickname of Yonechan.

June 6, Place of birth: Saitama, Japan Her blood type is A. Height is listed at centimeters Bust size is 77 centimeters Waist size is 57 centimeters Her hobbies include shopping, movie appreciation, and being deeply moved. Prior to her scandal, Rumi was signed to the agency Artist House Pyramid. Why is this interesting? This is because was also the year that a few other famous AKB48 idols were born.

The first of these is Minami Takahashi April 8. Tomomi Itano and Atsuko Maeda were born one week apart. Maeda was born on July 10, in Chiba.

Takamina finds love. Maybe

Teenagers look up to the musical stars as role models, while the adults fawn over them. But behind the glamour and fanfare is an exploitative industry worth billions of dollars. J-Pop has become a popular genre outside of Japan due to the cutesy stars, flashy costumes, and catchy songs. In recent years, the idol industry has grown close to the anime industry, bringing in a new generation of fans. Idols perform opening songs for popular works and voice leading characters. However, underneath the manufactured purity is a dark and terrible truth.

Two years ago Minami Minegishi from popular girl band AKB48 shaved her head and wept in apology, after breaking management firm rules by spending a night with her boyfriend.

She had not broken any laws, as other male idols and actors have done. The video of the once peppy, long-haired young woman with a buzz cut, contorted face and red eyes apologizing directly into the camera was viewed millions of times, and continues to be. Had such an apology come from, say, officials at Tokyo Electric Power Co. But from a year-old woman who did nothing wrong, it was a disturbing reminder of how troubling gender issues can be in Japan. This type of female Japanese pop idol must present an impossible set of ideals to fans.

She must be pure but sexy, docile yet energetic, reserved but always cheerful for photos. Those contradictions are not a realistic image for either gender. They are a projection of outdated, constricting concepts of women. All members of AKB48 do sign a pledge agreeing to a code of conduct that demands no dating. Two former members, Rino Sashihara and Yuka Masuda, were demoted and forced out of the group when they admitted being intimate with their boyfriends.

Such a contract is legally questionable. No other job in Japan, and perhaps in the world, demands that sexuality be forgone in private life. In the pop idol world of AKB48, the female members have plenty of relations with men.

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